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Architecture & Construction

A better way to document your construction projects.
A better way to communicate.
A better way to solicit bids.

Construction and Renovation

Innovative Visuals has developed a cutting-edge method combining new technologies and years of experience in the construction industry to capture the key data necessary to prepare and manage your construction projects. Using our technology and deliverables at various stages of the construction process can help save time and money. From bidding solicitation to preconstruction and construction, some benefits of using our reality capture services include:


Bidding Solicitation

• Less Travel Costs - reduced return site visits and travel time
• Reduced number of RFIs
• Measured floor plans for square footage takeoffs
• Improved internal and external communication
• Lower General Conditions
• More accurate bids
• Gauge logistics 

Hotel Sample Scan


Preconstruction and Construction

• Increased efficiency across departments and teams
• Reduced return site visits for missed dimensions or details
• Seamless integration of new team members
• Complete record of existing conditions
• Wiring and plumbing record prior to closing walls
• Light weight web based measurement tool with 99% accuracy
• Replaces managing thousands of job site photos
• Faster turnaround than traditional methods
• Virtual building access from any location at any time
• Capture full before and after walk throughs
• Photorealistic walkthrough of the completed work for marketing
• Improved logistics  

Preconstruction Sample Scan

Architects and Designers

Our reality capture services are particularly attractive to architects and designers, providing accurate deliverables and an ability to collaborate remotely like never before. Additionally, Innovative Visuals can provide virtual spec rooms to preview design and layout choices prior to construction.


• Inspect and measure a site remotely
• Generate AutoCAD floor plans from provided deliverables or included in your deliverable package
• Utilize point cloud or .obj files in Autodesk Recap or Revit
• Better project documentation - scan the job at various phases for project updates
• Reflected ceiling and floor plans to scale
• Measured floor plans
• Virtual spec rooms
• Scans of the completed work for marketing 

Virtual Spec Room Sample Video

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